International Trade Data:

The bipartite network data, connecting countries to the products they export, that we used to create The Product Space and
study the building blocks of economic complexity can be found here

When using these data please cite:
Hidalgo CA, B Klinger, A-L Barabasi, R Hausmann, Science (2007)
Hidalgo CA, Hausmann R, PNAS (2009)

Exports data was parsed from data compiled orignally by Feenstra et al, which is documented here

We have recently complemented these dataset with comtrade data to study the dynamics of the Product Space and
economic complexity over a 42 year period. SOON

More dissagregate export data can be found here

Disease Network Data:

We have also generated data summarizing millions of disease associations. These data can be found here for bulk
download and can be explored using this interactive website.


Human Mobility Data:

These data summarizes one year of my own mobility measured using the instamapper GPS tracker application on the
iPhone. ( These data were recorded between Dec 10, 2008 and Dec 11 2009.

The data is available for download in .gpx .csv .kml