Cesar A. Hidalgo, is an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at The MIT Media Lab. He is the author of Why Information Grows and co-author of The Atlas of Economic Complexity. He has pioneered the field of economic complexity and has also made contributions to digital humanities, big data, and data visualization. Together with his team, Hidalgo has created large datavisualization engines, such as The Observatory of Economic Complexity, DataViva, Pantheon, Immersion, Place Pulse and Streets Score. He is a native from Santiago de Chile. Networks Complexity and Economic Development, The Product Space. The Building Blocks of Economic Complexity, The Lego Theory of Economic Complexity. César Augusto Hidalgo Ramaciotti, Cesar Hidalgo, Física, Physics, Complex Networks, SocioDynamics, Socio Dinamica, Fisica Social, Industrial Policy, product space, trees monkeys, science, networks, mobile phone networks, network art, scientific art, science and art, network science, laszlo barabasi, chile, pontificia universidad catolica, fisica, notre dame, ccnr, center for complex network research, visualizations, systems biology, network medicine, product space, international development, artistic science, hidalgo ART, ART and Science, CA Hidalgo ART cesar hidalgo network art, Network Art, Complexity Economincs Complexity and Economics Economic Growth and Networks and Economic Growth Bipartite Network Analysis Multipartite Networks Tripartite Networks Ubiquity Diversification Center for International Development Harvard Kennedy School Harvard University Chile Persistence of Social Ties The Product Space Massachusetts Institute of Technology Preference The MIT Media Lab Macro Connections .